Four days left and my body is ready. 

Awkward S4E12 Sneak Peek


Six days. You’re welcome.


Till next Wednesday, I will not have internet guys :s
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From all the friendship in Awkward Satty is definitely my favorite i mean they know each others for so long and even if Saddie had a crush on him for a while and that they flirted a few time i think that they have a really brother/sister relationship and i really want to see more of it

Anonymous asked: hey I know you use photoshop cc, but what website did you get it from.

I got it a long time ago so I don’t remember I’m sorry!

I do remember searching on google ‘free photoshop download tumblr’. TONS of blogs post it up, it won’t be hard to find one, trust me :)

Anonymous asked: Next Tuesday!!!😁

OMG YESS!! 😭😭😭


Theo and Cole, the Palos Hills dynamic duo.


It must be hard being the new girl on the block.


This video explains why Sadie will forever be Queen Bee.