frizzyfrknlizzy’s comment saying ‘first they’re sour then they’re sweet’ made me laugh so hard omfg πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Anonymous asked: Yeah but i think jenna and matty are perfect together. Awkward stared that jenna decided for matty and i think that the happy end would be when they get together again u know? The serie is only about matty and jenna

You’ve got a point but you know some things don’t always end in a happily ever after

But they do still have chemistry I don’t know 😭😭

β€œmy boyfriend cheated on me with a dude, then screwed my best friend and then died, and everybody thought i killed him.Β then my parents went broke, so we had to sell the house, the cars, and now they’re divorcing, and the dung icing on my crap cupcakeβ€” my dad auctioned off my beloved horse, priscilla, queen of the desert.” "you win, your life does suck."

Anonymous asked: Do you think that matty and jenna get together again? I hope :/ :(

I don’t know omg I don’t even know if I want them to stay together or not 😩😣

Anonymous asked: God bless your soul for this blog, I'm apart of the Awkward fandom and I have a ton of trouble finding active blogs for this fandom <3

Thank you babyy 😊

I know the feeling 😭😭

Anonymous asked: When will be awkward back? :)

September 23rd 😁

Anonymous asked: Jk it's fab

Thanks 😭

Anonymous asked: Wow your blog seriously sucks ass #theworst


Anonymous asked: I hope Sadie Jenna become friends tbh...

I don’t omg

If they do, then Sadie and Jenna’s bitchy comments to eachother will end and I absolutely love them πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­